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Product Detail


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Vertical Fluid Bed Dryer

GFG series vertical fluid bed dryer is specially designed for drying free-flowing powder and small granule (less than 3 mm) materials in food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

1. For drying free-flowing powder and small granule materials in various kinds of industries 

2. Drying temperature: Ambient temp.-180 degree C (adjustable) 
3. Drying capacity: 10-500 kg/batch
4. GMP design is available 
5. Heat source can be steam, electricity, hot water, hot oil or gas/oil/coal/boimass fired hot air generator 

Product Description

GFG series batch type fluid bed dryer is designed based on GMP standard and is known for its enhanced drying capacity and sanitary operation condition.This design is mainly used to dry non-fragile granules and powder materials in foodstuff, pharmaceutical and chemical industry. 

After being heated and filtered, clean hot air is introduced into the air distributor at the bottom of the dryer and flow through a perforated drying bowl on which wet materials are loaded. Under the effect of strong air stream and rotating agitator, wet materials are perfectly fluidized. Moisture evaporates very fast because of thorough contact and heat transfer between hot air and wet material. At the top of the dryer, bag filter is installed to separate fine particles from the exhausted damp air. 



Technical Features 

1) Robust drying chamber: The drying chamber is made by SUS304 or SUS316L steel plate, fully welded and mirror polished. The design is robust, simple and compact which requires minimum maintenance. 

2) Fast and uniform drying: Due to the specially designed drying bowl and agitator, wet material can be perfectly fluidized to make sure fast and uniform drying. 

3) Flexibility in heat source: The heat source can be steam, hot water, electricity, thermal oil, oil/gas/coal/biomass fired hot air generator to match with different working conditions. 

4) Flexibility in drying: The dryer works in batch type so that drying time can be easily controlled. It can be used to dry materials with different moisture content and moisture type. 

5) GMP design: The drying chamber is fully welded, mirror polished without dead corners for cleaning to meet GMP standard. 


Agitator inside drying bowl


GFG-120 fluid bed dryer


Drying bowl with trolley


GFG-30 fluid bed dryer with electrical heater

Typical Applications


Desiccated coconut




Chemical Powder


Q: What information should be provided in order to get a proposal or quotation? 

A: Our fluid bed dryer can be customerized. Before we can work out a detailed quotation, we have to know the following information: 

1) What product you are going to dry 

2) Moisture content before drying

3) Target moisture content in dried product

4) Process capacity in kg/batch

5) What heat source you plan to use 

Q: How the dryer will be delivered ? 

A: The dryer is packed in plywood box for shipping 

Q: What standard models do you have? 

A: We have the following standard models: 

Model GFG-60 GFG-120 GFG-200 GFG-300 
Volume of drying bowl ( L ) 220 420 670 1000
Diameter (mm) 1000 1200 1400 1600
load capacity (kg/batch)  60 120 200 300
Exhaust fan (KW) 7.5 11 22 30
Agitator power (KW) 0.55 1.1 1.5 2.2
Agitator speed  (RPM) 11 11 11 11
Steam consumption (kg/h) 140 210 282 366
Drying time  (min) 30-60 30-60 30-60 30-60
Dimension (L x W x H mm)  2676x2366x240 2862x2552x2540 3014x2704x2840 3300x2800x2940