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BSF Larvae Dryer

FBD series Agitator Dryer is specially designed for drying BSF Larvae, fly maggots and insects with hot air. 

1. For drying/roasting fresh BSF larvae, fly maggots and insects with hot air

2. Drying temperature: 80-200 ℃ (adjustable)

3. Drying capacity: 30-500 kg/h

4. Heat source can be steam, electricity, hot thermal oil or gas/oil/coal/boimass fired hot air generator

Product Description

Black soldier fly larvae (or fly maggots, larva insects) are increasingly attracting the attention of livestock industry as an alternative source of protein. These larvae / maggots can convert organic waste into protein for animal consumption, whilst also changing waste into a product that can be used, for example, as compost. Their remarkable ability to transform nearly any kind of organic waste into protein could revolutionize global food supplies.

Agitator Dryer is a simple fluid-bed type dryer with ribbon agitator, which is specially designed for drying BSF larvae (or fly maggots, larva insects) with affordable price. The dryer consists of a conical drying chamber and a ribbon type agitator. The conical part of drying chamber is made by perforated plate. Wet material is fed by gravity into the drying chamber via the feed valve. With the help of rotary ribbon agitator, wet material regularly moves up against the inner conical wall and then falls down in the center, hot air flows through the wet material for uniform and fast drying. The dried product is unloaded from the bottom discharge valve.

Blanched maggots

Blanched larvae 

Dried with blanched maggots-1

Dried larvae 

Technical Features 

For drying BSF larvae/maggots, our Agitator Dryer has the following overwhelming advantages:

1. Short drying time: The dryer works in batch operation so the drying time can be controlled according to different working conditions. When the inlet hot air temperature is 120 ℃, it just takes about 60 minutes to dry one batch from about 70% to 5% moisture content for fresh larvae or maggots. When increase the hot air temperature to 200 ℃, the larvae or maggots can be roasted to get pop product.

2. Uniform Drying: The regular movement of wet material inside the drying chamber and specially designed hot air distribution chamber can make sure hot air evely flow through the wet material.

3. Flexible heat source: Our agitator dryer can work with different heat sources, such as electricity, steam, thermal oil or hot air generator by burning coal, biomass fuels, oil, gas etc.

4. Affordable price: Our agitator dryer is quite simple, compact, reliable, easy to operate and clean. And the price is much lower compared to microwave dryer. belt dryer or vacuum disc dryer.

5. Large drying capacity with compact machine. The biggest drying capacity can be 1 ton/h with a 1500L drying chamber. Different capacity 30 -1000 kg/h is available.


Drying bowl


Ribbon agitator 

12 Air distribution chamber 

Working with gas-fired hot air generator


Q: What information should be provided in order to get a proposal or quotation? 

A: Our agitator dryer is customerized. Before we can work out a detailed quotation, we have to know the following information: 

1)  Types of larvae 

2)  Required drying capacity kg/h 

3)  Heat source: electricity, steam or gas/oil fired hot air generator     

Q: How the dryer will be delivered ? 

A: The dryer is packed in plywood box for shipping 

Q: What standard models do you have? 

A: We have the following standard models: 

FBD-60 FBD-120  FBD-200  FBD-300 
Volume of drying bowl  L  100  200  400  600 
Loading capacity  kg/batch  50-60  100-120 180-200  300-350 
Agitator power KW 0.4  0.75 
Blower fan  KW 
Agiator speed RPM 
1-12 1-12 1-8  1-8 
Working temp. ℃
Temp. control accucary ℃
Drying time  min/batch  60-70