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BSF Larvae Maggots Dryer

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Black soldier fly larvae (or maggots, larva insects) are increasingly attracting the attention of livestock industry as an alternative source of protein. These larvae / maggots can convert organic waste into protein for animal consumption, whilst also changing waste into a product that can be used, for example, as compost. Their remarkable ability to transform nearly any kind of organic waste into protein could revolutionize global food supplies. 

Our PZG series Vacuum Disc Dryer is specially designed for drying BSF larvae or maggots to get high-quality dried product. The dryer consists of a jacketed cylindrical drying chamber and a single shaft welded with hollow discs. Both drying chamber jacket and hollow discs are filled with heating medium, such as hot water, hot thermal oil or steam, to form heating surface. The small paddles/blades welded on the discs with different angles can completely mix and regularly move the wet materials with the shaft rotation for uniform heat transfer. The evaporated moisture is sucked out by the vacuum pump after going through the air-liquid separator and tubular condensor. 

The high vacuum can considerably reduce the water boiling point, which is the basic principle of vacuum drying. Our PZG series vacuum paddle dryer can work with 65-85 ℃ hot water from heat pump. Meanwhile,  waste heat in vapor can be recycled by the heat pump to further reduce heat consumption. 

Working principle

For drying BSF larvae/maggots, our Vacuum Disc Dryer has the following overwhelming advantages: 

1. Low temperature drying: The vacuum degree can reach as high as 500 pa, under which the water boiling point is only 45 ℃. The evaporation rate can still reach 6-8 kg water/hr/M2 when use 65 ℃ hot water for drying. 

2. Super low energy consumption: The average heat consumption to evaporate 1 kg water is about 600 kcal due to high vacuum drying condition, large heating surface and little heat loss. Compared to microwave dryer or hot air dryer, the energy consumption of vacuum disc dryer is about 60-70% less. 

3. High-quality dried product: Due to low temperature drying under high vacuum condition, the original nutrients can be perfectly preserved. The vacuum condition can prevent protein from oxidization. 

4. Batch or continuous operation: Our vacuum disc paddle dryer can work both in batch or continuous operation to satisfy different working conditions. 

5. Large drying capacity with compact machine. 


Continuous PZG-8000 dryer


Batch PZG-8000 dryer


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