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SSP Batch Tumble Reactor

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Polyamide and polyester pellets (or flakes) can be post-condensated in this solid-state polycondensation (SSP) reactor to purposefully increase the IV value by precise control of temperature, vacuum and processing time. The higher molecular weights achieved in this way give the materials the properties required for application in high-strength components, fibers or filaments. The materials refined in the reactor are used in particular to manufacture bottles and technical fibers. 

SZG series batch tumble reactor / dryer is an indirect heating batch type drying processor. The cylindrical drying chamber has heating jacket which can be filled with hot water, steam or thermal oil. During the operation, vacuum condition is created by vacuum pump and wet material flows alongside the heated interior surface with the rotation of drying chamber. Heat transfer happens between wet material and heated surface of drying chamber. The evaporated moisture is sucked out by vacuum pump. If the evaporated moisture needs to be recovered, condenser and buffer tank can be equipped.

SZG series batch tumble reactor / dryer is designed mainly for drying, mixing and condensation process of granulated plastics: chips, beads, slices, pellets, scraps etc.

1) PET and PBT compounds
3) Solid-state post-condensation of PA 6, PA 6.6, PES, PET, PBT, PTT
2) Drying plastic granulates

Our batch tumble reactor / dryer has the following techincal advantages: 

1) Multi-functional:  The central body is a skewed cylindrical chamber which can rotates with different speed and direction. Except drying or extracting solvents, it also can be used as an effective fast blender or homogenizer.

2) Safety operation: The high vacuum drying eliminates oxygen which prevents formation of unwanted secondary compounds or potential exposion.

3) Uniform drying:  The gentle and continuous mixing ensure the final blend is uniform in terms of both viscosity and residual moisture.

4) High efficinet mixing: Different type of guide-plate can be welded onto the interior drying chamber to ensure fast and uniform mixing.

5) Effective filtering system:  The three-head filtering unit can perfectly filter out the powder and just let solvent vapors go through with very low pressure drop.

6) Easy-operation: Vacuum conveyor or screw conveyor can be equipped for automatic feeding and discharging. 









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