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Sludge Paddle Dryer

KJG series Paddle Dryer is highly efficient, mechanically agitated, indirect heat transfer devices that add or remove heat from a process mass.

1. Continuously drying of sewage sludge, animal manures and industrial sludges 

2. Heating area: 3-200 M2

3. Evaporation capacity: 30-2000 kg water/hr 

4. Vapor tight or vacuum designs are available 

5. Heat source: steam, hot water or thermal oil 

Product Description

KJG series double shaft sludge paddle dryer are highly efficient, mechanically agitated, indirect heat transfer devices that add or remove heat from a process mass. They are used for drying, heating or cooling paste, filter cake, powder and small granule materials in almost all kinds of industrials. Sludge drying is one of its most successful applications.

Dual counter-rotating shafts with unique intermeshing discs produce intimate mixing and optimize heat transfer. The use of hollow discs and drying chamber heating jacket for heat transfer results in a compact machine. The heat transfer medium: steam, hot water or hot oil is isolated from the process mass. The KJG series Double Shaft sludge Paddle Dryer provides a reliable and efficient method for drying slurry, filter cakes and centrifuge concentrates. 

The exhaust gases can be treated by cyclone, condenser and scrubber to considerably reduce air contamination. For those wet materials of heat sensitive, easy oxidized, containing organic solvents which need to be recovered, vacuum design is available.


Technical Features 

1) High thermal efficiency which can reach 95% 
2) Heat transfer medium does not contact the product.
3) Gas is not used to convey the product. Off-gas flow is minimal.
4) Precise control of temperature
5) Uniform product quality, through mixing and movement of the product
6) Continuous process on a once-through basis
7) High heat transfer area to process volume ratio - reduced floor space
8) Easy to operate, requires minimal attention
9) Safer than direct drying when processing combustible material
10) Simple durable design for easy and low maintenance
11) Dual counter-rotating shafts with unique intermeshing discs produce intimate mixing, uniform heat transfer, a high heat transfer rate, and a self-cleaning effect.A large heat transfer area to volume ratio is achieved by the use of hollow discs and a jacketed vessel, through which the heating medium flows. The result is a compact machine with less space requirements and lower installation cost.

12) The KJG series Paddle Dryer transports material, regardless of its handling characteristics. Sticky, pasty materials can be transported. Pre-conditioning the feed by mixing with recycled dried product, to make it conveyable, is not required. This results in lower capital, operating, and maintenance cost.


Hollow Discs 

1) Considerably increase heat transfer area photo; 

2) Much less welding area than wedge-shaped paddles;  

3) Hollow disc surface is selft-cleaning; 

4) Small paddles welded on discs with different angle can perfectly mix and move the wet materials 

tubular heating jacket-1

Tubular Heating jacket 

1) Working pressure can reach as high 0.9 Mpa  

2) Avoid heat medium short-circuit 

3) Covered by 80mm mineral wool heat insulation 


Integral Bearing seat 

Bearing seat is mounted on end-plate as an integral part of drying chamber. This design can improve the concentricity of shafts. Water cooling jacket can considerably increase the life-span of bearing.


Exhaust Air Treatment System

Cyclone + tubular condenser + two stage scrubber can reach very high emission standard.

Typical Projects

Animal maure drying in Holand


Industrial sludge drying in China


Sewage sludge drying in Poland


Q: What information should be provided in order to get a proposal or quotation? 

A: Each paddle dryer is specially designed for each customer according to specific wet materials, capacity, drying temperature and heat mediums. Before we can work out a detailed proposal or quotation, we have to know the following information: 

1) Detailed information of wet material are you going to dry.  We may ask you to provide composition report or samples to do drying test. 

2) Type of moisture. 

3) Initial moisture content before drying

4) Required moisture content in dried product

5) Drying capacity in kg/h 

6) Heat medium to be used for drying. Such as steam, thermal oil or hot water 

Q: How the machine will be delivered ? 

A: Paddle dryer is very heavy and its weight ranges from 3 tons to 50 tons. When the heating area is less than 60 M2, the dryer body can be shipped by 40 feet HQ container; 60-100 M2 can be shipped by 40 feet OT container; more than 100 M2, the dryer body should be dismantled for shipping. 

Q: What kind of after sale service you can provide? 

A: We have professional after sale service team who can reach you in short notice. They can supervise the installation, do commissioning and train your workers.