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Rotary Scraper Drum Dryer

HG series Rotary Scraper Drum Dryer is used for continuously drying of viscous, pasty and sticky materials in food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

1. Continuously drying of viscous, pasty and sticky materials in food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry; 

2. Heating area: 1.12-21.2 M2
3. Evaporation capacity: 6-150 kg water/hour 
4. Feeding type: top or bottom feeding 
5. Heat source: steam or hot water 

Product Description

HG series rotary scraper drum dryer is a continuous indirect-heating drying processor. The dryer body consists of rotary drum heated by steam, applicator rollers, scrapper and exhaust hood. Liquid raw meterials are fed onto the rotary drum from the top or from the bottom tray. With the kneading effect of applicator system, raw materials are evenly spread onto the heated surface of rotary drum. Moisture evaporates very quickly. Drying process is done within a single rotation of the drum and the dried product is scrapped off with the knife.

HG series drum dryer with its continuous indirect drying method, allows short heat retention time while evaporating all the liquid within a single rotation of the drum. It not only virtually eliminates the risk of damaging the product but also enables the product to keep its unique properties like taste, smell, texture etc. Drum dryer is unique for drying viscous, pasty and sticky materials in food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. 





Single drum top feeding


             Single drum bottom feeding 


Double drum dryer

Technical Features 

1) High heat efficiency: Heat loss is mainly caused thermal radiation. Heat efficiency can be as high as 90%. 

2) Short drying time: The drying process only takes 10-15 seconds. So drum dryer can be used for drying heat sensitive material. 

3) Uniform drying: Heat transfer direction and coefficient all over the drum surface are the same. And wet material can be evenly spread over the drum surface. Wet material can be uniformly dried.

4) Long life span: Rotary drum is electro-polished and well heat treated to increase the smoothness and hardness.

5) Flexible application: Drum surface temperature, rotating speed, wet material film thickness are all adjustable to satisfy materials with different moisture and drying time.

6) Compact size: The drying chamber is very compact in size. Only need small installation space.

7) Low operation cost: The whole machine is very simple and reliable. It can be used for many years with little repair and maintenance.

8) Highest hygienic standard: Indirect heating and electro-polished drum surface can assure highest hygienic working conditions. 


Rotary drum (electro-polished)

Top roller_副本

Applicator rollers 


Roller tightener


Vapor exhaust hood




Dried flaker 

Typical applications



Fish feed 


Sweet patato 


Q: What information should be provided in order to get a proposal or quotation? 

A: Our rotary scraper drum dryer can be specially designed for each customer according to specific material and capacity. Before we can work out a detailed proposal or quotation, we have to know the following information: 

1) What wet material you are going to dry 

2) Moisture content before drying

3) Final moisture content in dried product 

4) Drying capacity in kg/h 

5) What heat source you are going to use 

6) Recommended drying temperature 

Q: How the machine will be delivered ? 

A: The machine is packed in wooden boxes for shipping 

Q: What kind of after sale service you can provide? 

A: We have professional after sale service team who can reach you in short notice. They can supervise the installation, do commissioning and train your workers. 

Q: What standard models do you have? 

A: We have the following standard models: 

Model  HG-600  HG-800 HG-1000 HG-1200  HG-1600 
Drum size  mm  Φ600x800 Φ800x1200 Φ1000x1400 Φ1200x1500 Φ1600x1800
Heating area M2 1.12 2.26 3.3 4.24 6.79
Evaporation rate  kg/hr  40-70 90-130 130-190 160-250 270-400
Steam consumption kg/hr  100-175 225-325 325-475 400-625 675-1000
Motor power KW  1.1 3.75 4.75 4.75 6.25
Installation dimension (mm)  1700x800x1500 2500x1100x1980 2700x1300x2250 2800x1500x2450 3350x1900x3150
Gross weight (kg)  850 1700 2100 2650 4350