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Product Detail


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ACM Impact Air Classifier Mill

WFJ series ACM air classifier mill is used for fine and ultra-fine grinding of soft to medium hard, brittle, crystalline and fatty materials with a controlled particle size distribution.

1. WFJ series air classifying mill pulverizer is used for fine and ultra-fine grinding of soft to medium hard, brittle, crystalline and fatty materials with a controlled particle size distribution;

2. Size of output product:80-350 mesh
3. Capacity: 10-1200 kg/h
4. GMP design  
5. Cyclone and bag filter are equipped.

Product Description

WFJ series air classifying mill pulverizer are high-energy vertical grinding mills incorporating an internal air classifying wheel to controll product particle size distribution. 
Material is fed into the grinding chamber via screw feeder and strongly impacted and collided into fine powder between the high-speed disc rotor and teeth liner. After grinding process, fine powders are carried to the classifying section by airflow where qualified powders are suctioned into the interior of the classifying wheel and discharged as products; coarse powders flow through the inner guide ring back to the grinding chamber because of centrifugal force for re-grinding. Final product is collected by cyclone and bag house. 

WFJ series air classifying mill pulverizer has been widely used for milling/pulverizing high fiber content materials, heat sensitive materials and brittle materials in food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry.


Technical Features 

1. Alloy steel hammer blades and rotor
2. GMP and food grade design
3. Negative working condition can prevent dust and be suitable for heat sensitive material pulverization.
4. Output size is adjustable via air classifier and air flow rate.
5. Feeding rate is automatic controlled 
6. Particle size distribution can be accurately controlled 


Grinding chamber inside

Alloy steel hammer heads and specially heat-treated teeth liner can considerablly increase life-span. 


Grinding chamber outside

All the motors are well protected for safety and high sanitary working conditions. 


Screw feeder 

Invert is equipped to accurately control the feeding rate, which is the precondition for stable and reliable operation. 


Product collecting system 

Product collecting system consists of cyclone, bag house and draft fan to prevent dust and increase collection rate.

Typical Projects

Activated carbon grinding in Singapore


Dried herb griding in Poland


Crystal sugar grinding in USA


Q: What information should be provided in order to get a proposal or quotation? 

A: Each air classifying mill pulverizer is specially designed for each customer according to specific material, capacity, feed material size and product size. Before we can work out a detailed proposal or quotation, we have to know the following information: 

1) Detailed information of material are you going to mill. We may ask you to provide simples for grinding test. 

2) Size of your material

3) Your required particle size after grinding

4) Grinding capacity in kg/h 

Q: How the machine will be delivered ? 

A: The system is usually dismantled into grinding chamber, cyclone, bag house, draft fan and control cabinet for shipping. Each part is packed in box made by plywood. 

Q: What kind of after sale service you can provide? 

A: We have professional after sale service team who can reach you in short notice. They can supervise the installation, do commissioning and train your workers. 

Q: What standard models do you have? 

A: We have the following standard models: 

Model  WFJ-15 WFJ-20 WFJ-30 WFJ-60 
Capacity (kg/h) 10-200  20-400 30-800 50-1200
Input size (mm) ≤10 ≤12 ≤12 ≤12
Output size (mesh) 80-350  80-350 80-350 80-350
Total installation power (KW)  13.5 22.5 46 84.15
Rotating speed (RPM) 5800 5800 3800 3200
Installation dimension (mm)  5410x1660x2500 5500x1800x3100 9000x2200x4000 9000x2700x5280
Gross weight (kg)  850 1200 1500 3200