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Impact Pin Mill

Centrifugal impact pin mill provides coarse to fine grinding of soft to medium hard materials into controlled particle sizes, as well as de-agglomerating and conditioning of dry solids.

1. Provide coarse to fine grinding of soft to medium hard materials into controlled particle sizes 

2. Size of output product: 20-150 mesh (adjustable by changing sieves)

3. Capacity: 60-800 kg/h

4. GMP design  

5. Different types of dust collector can be equipped 

Product Description

Centrifugal impact pin mill is a compact, high speed impact mill capable of fine size reduction specially designed for chemical, pharmaceutical and food application. 
Material is fed into the grinding chamber via the central inlet of the opposing stationary disc by gravity or screw feeder. High speed rotation of the inner disc creates centrifugal force that accelerates bulk material moving from the center to the periphery of the discs at high speed. As materials pass through a path of intermeshing rows of rotating and stationary pins, grinding is done by strong impact and shearing between the pins. The centrifugal force or air stream generated by draft fan force the product go through a filtering sieve which is around the grinding chamber to get required particle size. Different particle size is determined by the speed, number, type of pins and hole size on the sieve. 

Centrifugal impact pin mill has been commonly used for coarse to fine grinding of soft to medium hard, brittle and crystalline materials in food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

6Table-type pin mill


Pin mill with dust filter


Pin mill with cyclone & bag filter

Technical Features 

1.  Alloy steel disc and cutter head pins

2.  GMP and food grade design

3.  Negative working condition can prevent dust and be suitable for heat sensitive material grinding

4.  Output size is adjustable by changing filtering sieve

5.  Feeding rate can be automatically and accurately controlled 

6.  Different types of dust collector can be equipped to prevent dusting 

7.  Air cooling or water cooling can be equippeed 


Grinding unit with screw feeder


Cyclone & bag filter


Screw feeder 

Invert is equipped to accurately control the feeding rate, which is the precondition for stable and reliable operation. 


Grinding chamber

Alloy steel head pins and the type and quantity of pins can be different according to specific materials. 

Typical applications



Casava flour




Q: What information should be provided in order to get a proposal or quotation? 

A: Our pin mill can be specially designed for each customer according to specific material, capacity, feed material size and product size. Before we can work out a detailed proposal or quotation, we have to know the following information: 

1) Detailed information of material are you going to grind. We may ask you to provide samples for grinding test. 

2) Size of your material

3) Your required particle size after grinding

4) Grinding capacity in kg/h 

Q: How the machine will be delivered ? 

A: The system is usually dismantled into grinding unit, cyclone, bag house, draft fan and control cabinet for shipping. Each part is packed in box made by plywood. 

Q: What kind of after sale service you can provide? 

A: We have professional after sale service team who can reach you in short notice. They can supervise the installation, do commissioning and train your workers. 

Q: What standard models do you have? 

A: We have the following standard models: 

Model  20B 30B 40B 60B
Capacity (kg/h) 60-150 100-400 160-1000 300-1500
Input size (mm) ≤6 ≤6 ≤10 ≤12
Output size (mm) 20-120 20-120 20-120 20-120
Total installation power (KW)  7.75 11.25 15.75 30.25
Rotating speed (RPM) 4500 3800 3400 2800
Installation dimension (mm)  2800x850x2300 3500x850x2480 3800x900x2550 4500x1100x2800
Gross weight (kg)  580 800 1200 1800