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Reciprocating Grate Hot Air Generator

Reciprocating grate hot air generator is used to burn solid biomass fuels for generating hot air for heating or drying process. 

1) Generating hot air for drying or heating process by burning solid biomass fuels 

2) Hot air temperature: 80-800 degree C (adjustable) 

3) Heat output: 600,000-12,000,000 kcal/hour

4) Temperature control accuracy: +/- 15 degree C 

5) Clean hot air is available by using tubular heat exchanger

Product Description

GL series industrial reciprocating grate combustion furnace is specially designed for burning solid biomass fuels which are usually featured by low heat value, high moisture content and quite different fuel size. It is mainly consisted of reciprocating grate, mechanical drive system, combustion chamber, fuel feed hopper, ash remover, blower and draft fan.

The air-cooled reciprocating grate is inclined stair-like grate of which each stair is removable. When biomass fuel is fed onto the top stair via the feeding hopper, it pushes the fuel down the length of the grate through distict drying, gasification, combustion and burn-out zones. The combustion air is blown into the combustion chamber from the grate bottom through the holes in each grate bar. The ash is automatically discharged off at the end of grate into an ash conveying system. The hot air (800-1000 ℃) is discharged by the draft fan for drying or heating process. Tubular type heat exchanger can be installed after the furnace to get clean hot air.




Technical Features 

1) Flexibility for various kinds of fuels: Reciprocating grate can perfectly burn various kinds of fuels, such as coal, wood
chips, bark, sawdust, forest waste, agriculture waste, rice husk etc. with low heat value and high ash content.

2) Suitable for fuels with high moisture content: The grate can be divided into Four zones:

a. Drying zone: preheating and dispersing the fuel
b. Gasification zone : gasifying fuel surface for easy burning
c. Combustion zone: fuels completely combusted
d. Burn-out zone: ash discharging and collecting

3) Perfect and complete combustion: the reciprocation movement can perfectly disperse and turn over the fuels during combustion, so the combustion is perfect and complete.

4) Good insulation and high heat efficiency: the heat insulation layer is 600 mm. Less heat loss and complete combustion can guarantee 90% heat efficiency.

5) Long life-span: the combustion chamber frame is made by high strength steel and lined by casting heat resistant cement and firebricks. The grate bar is made by heat resistant alloy steel. The normal life-span can reach 10 years.

6) Automatic operation: fuel feeding, ash discharging and grate moving are fully automatic.

7) Stable output temperature: Temperature control is achieved by accurately regulating the combustion air, grate movement and feeding speed.Grate drive motors are stepless speed regulating type.

8) Safety measures: exhaust fan is equipped to create negative pressure burning condition. Ash removing port is water sealed. The negative pressure and sealed burning chamber can make sure operation safety as well as cooling the grate.

Heat output 
600,000-12,000,000  Kcal/h 
Outlet hot air temp. 
80-800 ℃ (adjustable via electric cool-air damper) 
Temp. control accuracy 
±15 ℃
Grate type 
Air cooling reciprocating grate 
Grate material 
Alloy steel or high silicon cast iron 
Grate drive method 
Drive motor (600,000-8,000,000 Kcal/h)
Hydraulic cylinder ( more than 8,000,000 kcal/h) 
Refractory  thickness 
Max working temp. 
 Inside combustion chamber 1500 ℃
Heat exchanger 
High-temperature air-to-air heat exchanger can be equipped to get clean hot air 
Max clean hot air temperature: 800 ℃
Basic configuration 
Fuel feeder, combustion chamber, grate drive system, combustion air blower, electric cool-air damper, ash remover, draft fan and contorl cabinet 


Refractory material


Combustion chamber


Grate drive motor 


Fuel feeder

Packing & Delivery

Q: What information should be provided in order to get a proposal or quotation?

A: Our industrial reciprocating grate biomass incinerator is customized according to specific biomass fuel, heat output, hot air temperature, temperature control accuracy etc.  Before we can work out a detailed proposal or quotation, we have to know the following information: 

1) What kind of biomass fuels you are going to burn ( fuel size, moisture content, heat value etc)
2) Required heat output Kcal/h
3) Required hot air temperature
4) Required temperature control accuracy
5) What the hot air will be used for

Q: How the machine will be delivered ?
A: Normally open-top container or flat rack container are used for shipping reciprocating grate furnace. We can send technicians to make refractory locally for saving shipping cost

Q: What kind of after sale service you can provide?

A: We have professional after sale service team who can reach you in short notice. They can supervise the installation, do commissioning and train your workers.