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Pneumatic Vacuum Conveyor System

ZKS series pneumatic vacuum conveyor system is designed for conveying or moving bulk materials from place to place within a factory by using pneumatic suction. 

1. Convey or move bulk materials from place to place within a factory by using pneumatic suction 

2. Vauum pump: high pressure air pump 
3. Conveying capacity: 400-5000 kg/h 
4. Conveying length: less than 20 meters 
5. GMP design 

Product Description

ZKS series pneumatic vacuum conveying system, which usually consists of feed station, soft tube, separator tank (or Three-way valve), secondary filter and high pressure air pump, is the ideal method for conveying or moving bulk materials, such as free-flowing powder and granules, from place to place within a factory by using pneumatic suction. 

The high pressure air pump generates strong air flow inside the conveying system. Air rushes in through the suction inlet of feeding point, where bulk material is carried in this air stream. Then the bulk material is conveyed into the separator tank (or three-way valve) with the air stream, which separate most of the bulk material from the air and discharge it into the delivery point. The air with small quantity of fine powder flows through the secondary filter and is exhausted by the air pump. 

Two types of conveying system are available depends on different receiving hoppers: 

Type A: Conveying to sealed hopper. The hopper should be air-tight and a three-way valve for separating bulk material from air has to be inserted into the hopper. The conveying process is continuous. 

Type B: Conveying to top-open hopper. The separator tank, usually includes filter, flap valve and air shock tank, should be mounted above the hopper. When the separator tank is filled with bulk material, the air pump switches off automatically. Meanwhile, the air shock tank release the compressed air from inside of filter to blow off the fine particles and the flap valve opens to discharge the bulk materail into the beneath hopper. The system often operates based on timed interval. If air locker (air tight rotary valve) is equipped, the operation can be continuous. 


Type A: Conveying to sealed vessel


Type B: Conveying to open hopper

Technical Features 

 1. Dust free transfer of bulk materials: Negative pressure inside the conveying system and two-stage filter can create dust free condition 

 2. Easy to clean: The conveying system can be easily dismantled for cleaning 

 3. Small foot print: The conveying soft tube takes up little or no floor space within your facility 

 4. Easy to install: The conveying system is connected by quick-open clamps which makes the installation very easy 

 5. GMP standatrd: The system is made by stainless steel and mirror polished. No dead corners for cleaning. 

 6. Low noise and power consumption: Noise in operation is less than 60 dB. 


Low noise air pump  


Tubular filter 


Three-way valve for solid-air separation


Separator tank 

Typical Applications

Conveying to powder mixer


Conveying to top-open hopper


Continuous feeding with rotary valve


Q: What information should be provided in order to get a proposal or quotation? 

A: Our pneumatic vacuum conveying system is customerized. Before we can work out a detailed quotation, we have to know the following information: 

1) What product you are going to convey 

2) Product particle size and bulk density

3) Conveying distance and height 

4) Conveying capacity in kg/h 

Q: How the machine will be delivered ? 

A: The conveyor is packed in plywood box for shipping 

Q: What standard models do you have? 

A: We have the following standard models: 

Model  ZKS-1 ZKS-2 ZKS-3 ZKS-4 ZKS-5
Conveying capacity kg/h  400 600 1200 2000 4000
Air pump power KW 1.5 2.2 3 5.5 7.5
Separator tank dimension mm  Φ220X820 Φ220X820 Φ290X950 Φ420X1250 Φ420X1650
Weight  kg  65 80 90 150 175
Note: The coveying capacity is measured for conveying flour in 4 meters pipe.